Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i wrote this essay just for my lovely lecturer because this is my ASSIGNMENT sorry sir im not good in writing especially in english ...i hope u enjoy it....

Smoking is just like a habit to the people around us and many smokers thinks it some kind of style that make them confident meet some people went their smoke.  Many countries such as India have implemented a ban on public smoking.  This practice may seem as a curbing of one right to freedom especially to the smokers but surely this step will go a long way in achieving a healthier life style. Many people who gradually become aware of the ill effects of smoking are turning towards dead diction centre to get rid of this habit.  I agree that smoking should definitely be banned because it will cause the unhealthy body, wasting much money and it also will pollute our environment.
            As we now smoking will cause the unhealthy body.  Smoke which arises when a person smokes a cigarette is more hazardous to a passive smoker who inhales the smoke being in close vicinity of the active smoker.  The some being inhaled by the former is unfiltered thereby causing more ill effects. These reasons will give diseases such as cough, bronchitis, and asthma.  So we should not smoke to prevent from getting chronic diseases.
            Many smokers did not notice they have wasted their money on their cigarettes.  Research shows that the smokers have waste their money at least rm10 one day.  The wasted money should be used for other beneficial things such as foods, books, clothes and many more.  This is because smokers are addicted to cigarettes making them waste lot of money.
            Due to this immoral wave of smoking, it already gave our clean environment bad effects especially air pollution. This is because smoke from the cigarettes produce bad chemical that can effects the environment and also human.  We should not do air pollution because we cannot leave happily on earth went our environment is pollute.
            Base on the reason smoking is bad for our life and our environment and as the conclusion smoking should definitely be banned.

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