Wednesday, April 13, 2011



Everyday hundreds of babies are being conceived.   Most babies get the chance to live a happy and healthy life while other babies’ lives are taken away from them.   Abortion is becoming increasingly controversial because the amount of unwanted pregnancies continues to rise every year.   Much of the general public is often too quick to identify them as pro-choice even though they may be very uneducated on the subject.   Children are our future and abortion is taking away the lives of too many innocent babies.   Every person deserves a chance at life, and to rob a baby of their future is simply immoral.   In this case, I definitely disagree with abortion procedure because it is both cruel and immoral, developing fetus can feel pain and it has negative long term effects on the mother such as anxiety and depression.

           The first reason abortion should be made illegal is because the different methods that are used to terminate a pregnancy are both cruel and immoral.   According to a specialist in life sciences, Irene Stith, there are currently three different types of abortions. These methods are perhaps the most gruesome because the fetus is pulled through the cervix where the doctor forces a pair of scissors into the base of the baby’s skull.   The contents of the skull are then removed followed by the removal of the fetus.  
All three of these different methods are both disturbing and heartless. Babies are the most innocent and precious beings on this earth.   It is a sad thought that there are so many people fighting to make killing them legal.  
The second reason abortion should be made illegal is because the developing fetus can feel pain.   In a New York Times article titled “The First Ache” Annie Paul discusses the many doctors who strongly agree that fetuses can feel pain. Fetuses as young as 18 weeks of age react to an invasive procedure with a spike in stress hormones and blood flow toward the brain, a strategy seen in infants and adults to protect vital organs from threat. Research shown that baby feels more sensitive to pain than adults.
The third reason abortion should be made illegal is because abortion has negative long term effects on the mother such as anxiety and depression. Women who have unwanted pregnancies are often too embarrassed to carry the baby full term or fear that they won’t be a good mother, so they choose to abort the baby.   However, most of these young girls who get abortions regret it and grow up to realize that their decision to terminate their pregnancy was both selfish and cruel.
 In conclusion, the debate over abortion will continue to persist until someone decides to step in and help these innocent babies.   The baby is the one whose life is at stake. In most cases, the mother will live whether or not the baby is aborted.  

 It is a sad thought that most abortions take place because it is an inconvenience for the mother. So that’s why I absolutely disagree with abortion procedure.

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