Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Arrange to Go to a Theater with Friends

== Steps ==
Pick which day you would like to go to the movies.''' Make sure you have nothing going on for a few hours, depending on how long the movie is. Ask your friends if they are busy during the day you chose. If they are busy, try choosing a different day out to go the the movie theater.

Choose which movie you would like to see.''' Make sure that the movie you decide on is appropriate for your age group. Ask your parent or guardian if the movie you want to go to is alright.
-Research what the average rating of the movie is, the summary of the movie, etc. to make sure that you and your friends will like it.

=== Decide which movie theater you would like to visit ===
-Pay attention to a few important things:

-The cost of the movie
-The snacks available and their prices
-The cleanliness of the theater
-If the cost of the theater seems high, look for other movie theaters in your area.
-Also look for a different theater if there are no snacks available or if the theater is a mess.
-Finally, look for a different theater if the movie you want to see isn't showing there.

Invite some friends to go along with you. You may either call or email them for the trip. Remember to tell them all of the details, such as when the movie starts and ends, where the theater is going to be, etc. Also be sure to tell your friend if your parent or guardian can pick them up and bring them home.

Meet all of your friends at the movie theater at the time you told them. Make sure that someone has a cell phone in case there is an emergency, especially if no adult is attending the movie with you. Have an adult stick around until you purchase your tickets in case there is a problem.

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